Lottery Results and Upcoming Jackpots

Here at Lottery 24 we bring you the latest lottery results from the most popular world lotteries, available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our lottery results are updated as and when each lotto draw occurs meaning you can always be sure that Lottery 24 has the most up-to-the-minute lottery results available.

As well as checking your lottery results, you can also buy your lottery tickets with us too. Lottery tickets are the tickets containing your lottery numbers you get around the world when you play the lottery. Usually you first fill in a payslip with your lucky numbers and then the cashier processes the payslip and gives you your lottery ticket. Lottery tickets look different around the world but are generally a slip of paper printed from a lottery machine, usually the name of the lottery will be at the top and the lottery ticket will contain the date of the draw, the lottery numbers chosen and a barcode for verification.


Results Tue 13th October

12 15 26 29 47 3 11

Millionarie Raffle Number: CMJ484477

Next Jackpot: €15,000,000

Next Draw: Fri 16th Oct


Results Tue 13th October

35 36 63 71 75 89 90 15

Next Jackpot: €21,000,000

Next Draw: Thu 15th October

Mega Sena

Results Sat 10th October

3 13 14 29 33 43

Next Jackpot: R$31,000,000

Next Draw: Tue 13th October


Results Sat 10th October

12 27 29 43 68 1 2

Next Jackpot: $70,000,000

Next Draw: Wed 14th October

Mega Millions

Results Fri 9th October

8 9 21 63 75 14 4

Next Jackpot: $75,000,000

Next Draw: Tue 13th October


Results Sat 10th October



Next Jackpot: £7,700,000

Next Draw: Sat 17th Oct

You need to keep your lottery tickets safe, they are the only proof you have of your lotto numbers so treat them as cash and put them in a safe place. Sign the back of lottery tickets, especially if they are winning ones although many lotteries from around the world like you to sign the back upon purchase.

If you are lucky enough to have some lucky lottery tickets then do check how long you have to claim your lottery prize. Many lotteries have claim periods of around 180 days but this does change around the world.

Of course many lottery draws from around the world are available to play online and if you play the lottery online then you’ll know you don’t need to worry about your lottery ticket. They are all kept safe online so you never need to worry about losing a lottery ticket again. Many lottery draws from around the world will even send you an email if you are a lucky lottery winner.

With all these advantages it’s little wonder that more and more lottery players are choosing to buy lottery tickets online, maybe one day we won’t need lottery tickets at all!